Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saying Goodbye to Paris

Our seats on the train back from Bayeux. Started off comfy but soon the train filled up to almost capacity. Next time, avoid the local ;-)

Early the next morning we said our goodbyes to our hotel

We arrived very early for our flight because someone (not saying who but he visits here and I read his blog of the same trip) who advised that four hours ahead was appropriate due to the long wait at the ticket counter.

It's certainly a good thing that these were available right near our gate. What a fabulous idea. There were more below us via a stairwell just to the left and in front of the windows.

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Nathan said...

Wow, you were in a much nicer part of de Gaulle than I was in. We actually only left for the airport 4 hours early, we actually got there three hours early. Also, a lot of the reason the check in line was so long was that there was a flight that left an hour before our flight, and they let those people go first. So really, it would have been better if we showed up later. Anyways... So, I have to know, which did you like better? London or Paris?

My Life said...

We were in terminal 2C I think (Delta). It was really nice and the lounge chairs were a godsend. I think I took a nap for about 45 mins and felt much better. We left the hotel at 8 and by I think 9:30 we were through check in. Our flight wasn't until 1:30 so yeah we got there too early.

I actually liked London slightly better if it comes down to it but both cities were equally nice. I think the reason was the language barrier and the transportation issues (trying to figure out where we were and where we wanted to be). I was floored by Normandy and would have loved to have spent more time, especially in the surrounding areas. My husband and friend leaned more to liking Paris better. The food was much better in Paris though, but I didn't find much difference in the price of wine and it wasn't cheaper than in the US in restaurants. In the store you could get a decent bottle for 2.95 euro where here I get my cheap wine for $7.99 or $5.99 on sale.

Our total cost for 3 was about $7500. A once in a lifetime trip.

My Life said...

make that Terminal 2E. Though we flew Delta it was serviced by AirFrance (great airline)

Kelly's Ideas said...

I have always wanted to visit Paris - more pictures please.

My Life said...

Kelly, look on the left side and you'll see links to all my pictures from the trip for Paris & London.

My Life said...

Change that, new design so look at the top and you'll see two links, one to London and one to Paris