Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mind the Gap

Mind the gap? What does that mean. Well first things first. The Delta Gate for flight 001 to London Heathrow

Our flight was delayed due to aircraft problems. Our "replacement" aircraft being readied for boarding.

And finally, boarding the aircraft. Definitely not first class seating. A little cramped feet wise but have experienced worse.

We arrived 6 hours later and it took over 2 hours to get through customs. Seriously! TWO hours!!! This is only part of the line that went down one side of a corridor and up the other only to turn the corner to another long corridor to finally get to a "real" queue to the customs officers. When we arrived they had ONE officer on duty, by the time we got to the customs desks they had at least 8 officers. Wonder if this was an exception or what happens every Sunday morning.

And finally to the subject. A phrase we heard every time we stepped off the Tube....Mind the Gap! I must say London has THE BEST metro system I have been on. They are quick to arrive and the maps are easy to understand and best of all the tube line running from the airport took us directly across the street from our hotel and later directly to the train station for the train to Paris.