Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have a fascination with cemeteries, especially old cemetaries.  I don't know why.  Perhaps it's the history.  Perhaps, it's because many can be found in strange places like this cemetery that lies beside an old Win Dixie store now a gym.

I did a little research and found some information about the family buried here.

Mary Hawkins, wife of Wesley Perry Taylor, was born 16 Sept 1843, daughter of Silas Raglin Hawkins and Nancy McClimons, in a log house near Greer SC. She and Wesley Taylor were married August 9, 1860 by the Rev. Ludwell Vaughn. They were living in a three room house which Wesley had built of logs, on the Greenville Road about a mile from where the Pleasant Grove Church is now. Wesley joined the Confederate Army in 1861 , serving as Commissary Sergeant his first two years in the PBLA, and was able to procure salt and other hard to find items for Mary.

Mary continued to live in their house until bands of marauders roaming the countryside made it dangerous for her to stay there alone with her infant son. She went home to her mother for the last two years of the War. Wesley and Mary Taylor’s daughter Nannie Taylor Moon writes that when word came that Sherman’s scouts were scouring the state, the Hawkins family took their horses and silver deep into the pine forest about a mile from the house and hid it. When the soldiers did come, they took everything in sight; all the meat out of the smoke house, all the turkeys, chickens and geese. The horses and silver and other valuables were safe and later recovered.

When Wesley returned from the War they moved back into their home on the Greenville Road. Mary Hawkins Taylor later told of an incident that occurred just after the war. She was driving home from her mothers’ house through a patch of woods and a hooded figure on a horse rode up to the side of the wagon and uttered a most unearthly scream and disappeared on a wooded side road. Mary was scared out of her wits, having her two children, one an infant, with her at the time. Mary Hawkins Taylor died 10 April 1911 and is buried at Pleasant Grove beside her husband.

Jesse Hawkins is Silas' father.  Jesse was married twice.  His last wife Patsy Ragland, Silas' mother, is buried next to him. I couldn't read the headstones of the others buried here as they were too worn. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Music - Leslie Hunt

Today I want to promote one of my favorite female singers.  She was in the top 20 of American Idol (don't groan) season 6 and unfortunately neither the Idol machine nor the American public got her.  She's had her share of life's difficulties; she's living with Lupus and family problems canceled her wedding.  However, good things have finally come to Leslie Hunt.   Instead of marrying a man who may have been totally wrong she married her soul mate and recently had a baby girl.  On top of all this she's put out her second CD  Your Hair is On Fire available at http://www.lesliehunt.net/   It's good, really good.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music - Matt Hires Jason Castro Caitlin Crosby State Line Tour

The weather hasn't been conducive to taking pictures (right now it's raining but at least it's not as cold as it's been) so today I decided to promote some young new singers on the scene.  First up Matt Hires.  Matt has recently been heard on Cougar Town and has a CD out on ITunes called Take Us To The Start

Next up Jason Castro.  Yes, Jason was on American Idol but forget that and give him a chance.  Jason has been signed to Atlantic Records and is currently on tour with Matt Hires.  He currently has a 5 song EP, The Love Uncompromised, out on ITunes and Amazon and his full CD is due out in the Spring. 

And last, but not least is Caitlin Crosby.  Caitlin started a campaign to put less emphasis on looks and more on the individual with a website called http://www.loveyourflawz.com/ with a friend Brie Larson and a song Imperfect is the new Perfect.  She has a new CD out on Itunes called Flawz.  She is currently touring with Matt Hires & Jason Castro

This just in from Jack Rabbits, Jacksonville Florida January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok who left the refrigerator open....Close it, now!

Global warming....all a big lie.

I used to live in the Northeast where it was normal to have temps dip below 30 in the winter, however, when I moved south I only expected a few days of such weather every year.  Since the first of the year temps at night have been near or below 20 and my heat pumps don't like it.  Neither do I.   While the pumps run constantly at temps of 28 they still provide enough warmth that I'm not freezing; however, below that temperature the pumps can barely keep up and my upstairs temperature won't keep above 65 no matter what I set it at and downstairs hoovers at about 70.

Oh, and no, summer temperatures are not any hotter than usual.  We have every once in a while a hot summer but then the next will be normal.   Global warming..yeah right.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year in review - 2009

Bathroom was finished one year ago but has the bedroom been completed? No! Slackers

In April we went to Florida for an airshow and of course, visited Disney.

In mid may my husband went to Glasgow & London on business.

Memorial Day weekend we were again in Florida (Jacksonville) where I papparazzi'd two weddings. Note if you recognize that this is your wedding then email me which picture is from your wedding and I'll gladly send you the photos I took.

Interestingly both had the same color scheme (note the bow on the bride the bridesmaids had that color dress)...very beachy.

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Monday, January 4, 2010