Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year in review - 2009

Bathroom was finished one year ago but has the bedroom been completed? No! Slackers

In April we went to Florida for an airshow and of course, visited Disney.

In mid may my husband went to Glasgow & London on business.

Memorial Day weekend we were again in Florida (Jacksonville) where I papparazzi'd two weddings. Note if you recognize that this is your wedding then email me which picture is from your wedding and I'll gladly send you the photos I took.

Interestingly both had the same color scheme (note the bow on the bride the bridesmaids had that color dress)...very beachy.

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In July the husband went to another airshow where he lost his i-phone and his rental car keys and fell in the mud. The i-phone got returned but the car key never showed up and he had to have a tow and buy a new key.

In September I had the vacation of a lifetime when we visited London & Paris

In October my husband went to Spain & Italy

Halloween "creeped" up on us

Followed by Thanksgiving

finally Christmas

It was a good year for pictures.   Hope 2010 will be another good year.