Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ok who left the refrigerator open....Close it, now!

Global warming....all a big lie.

I used to live in the Northeast where it was normal to have temps dip below 30 in the winter, however, when I moved south I only expected a few days of such weather every year.  Since the first of the year temps at night have been near or below 20 and my heat pumps don't like it.  Neither do I.   While the pumps run constantly at temps of 28 they still provide enough warmth that I'm not freezing; however, below that temperature the pumps can barely keep up and my upstairs temperature won't keep above 65 no matter what I set it at and downstairs hoovers at about 70.

Oh, and no, summer temperatures are not any hotter than usual.  We have every once in a while a hot summer but then the next will be normal.   Global warming..yeah right.