Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bayeux and Normandy

On our last full day in Paris we took a train from St. Lazare to Bayeux for an afternoon tour of Pointe Du Hoc, Omaha Beach, American Cemetary and the Gun Battery. We had the most fabulous tour guide, Christophe. He was amazing in his ability to cite details of D-Day and the aftermath as well as in his ability to speak perfect English. He even managed to give an Austrialian accent to the 3 from down under. Below are some pictures. No words can describe, except that I want to mention that the two markers I've joined into one photo are of the family that inspired "Saving Private Ryan". Unlike the movie, however, only 2 brothers were killed and are buried in France. The oldest brother was shot down and presumed dead but eventually was found to be a POW and later released.

Bayeux, France

Pointe du Luc

Omaha Beach

American Cemetary

The real "Ryan" family

The Gunnery