Monday, August 3, 2009

Makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!

Yeah, so this is not my picture but it is all over the internet and the first thing one thinks of when you think of screaming, and today I do. I've been waiting for my passport and today I get an envelope from the USGovernment and I think oooh boy it's come...Nope, not that lucky. Seems my birth certificate, that I've had forever and ever, is not sufficient because it didn't contain the date it was recorded. Well duh!, it most likely was recorded either the day I was born or the very next business day. I wasn't born in a tree and since the birth certificate had my DOB and was embossed with that lovely seal you'd have thunk it'd be ok ... now hopefully my 80 year old mother will get things right and get the "official" one from the town I was born in off to the desk of someone who'll process this straight away...if not, they'll be hearing from me every day until they do... Tough being 900 miles from where you were born.
The government also needs to make more agencies available around the country. What's wrong with having one for every state at the very least. I mean look at this map There is like nothing for the majority of the country and what's with the Northeast having 4??? Even Texas has 2!