Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mykonos, Greece

We were supposed to go to Athens but unfortunately strikes in Athens prevented the ship from visiting the port and we missed out on visiting the Parthenon and the Acropolis so instead we visited Mykonos and the island of Delos.  

Most if not all houses in Mykonos are rectangular designed, white and with flat roofs. 

Delos was inhabited since the 3rd millenium BC. Originally known as Ortygia (Quail Island), it was a religious center and busy port from ancient times. Although a barren island with virtually no natural resources, its harbors are protected by the three islands that circle around it (the Cyclades) and it is conveniently located between the Greek mainland and the Asian coast.  Formal excavation work began in 1872 by the French School of Archaeology, which still continues today. The island is still uninhabited except for the French archaeologists and site guardians.  All visitors must leave the island by 3pm except archaelogists. 

These arches form a large public cistern for collecting and storing what water is available. It would have been roofed over and would have appeared to be just another plaza.

This is the museum housing the original works found.  The statues outside at the site are replicas as the government requires removal to a museum in order to preserve them from damage from the elements.

Back on Mykonos.  Mykonos has to be one of my favorite places.  It's relaxing and has a beauty not typically found in an area so barren.

Translation seems to have gotten lost.  Instead of wine listed as 8 oz. for 5 euro's it's listed as 1/2 pound

Stopped for a Greek lunch of chicken gyro's, kebobs, Mythos beer and wine