Monday, July 26, 2010

“After enlightenment, the laundry” or why the washer walks off the job

We've been remodeling the house and have done the upstairs and now are working on downstairs.  We've done the half bath and now have done the laundry room.  We knew the washing machine had done damage to the floor but we didn't know just how much damage.  The underlayment was completely water damaged.  There are no leaking pipes and I know I didn't have water on the floor so I don't know how the water got there.  Perhaps it happened with the previous owners but that was 20 years ago.  Anyways, my piece of crap washing machine would shake so bad it about lifted off. 
Damage caused by piece of crap Maytag washing machine

Half way through the project I  had to do some laundry so we put the washing machine up on rubber absorbers designed for machines that "walk".  It quieted the noise but it still walked even worse.

With the laundry room completed my husband was determined to stop the walking, so he strapped the washing machine to the drier (a 30 year old Sears Kenmore). There is the one strap in the front, and two in the back top and bottom.   Result, no more walking. This greatly reduced the shaking to what a normal washer would do, but best of more walking across the floor.

Speaking of floors.  This is my new ceramic tile floor